PCT Week 7 – Hiker Heaven until shortly before Tehachapi

PCT Week 7 – Hiker Heaven until shortly before Tehachapi

The seventh week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over and it went from Hiker Heaven at mile 455 to shortly before Tehachapi at mile 550. You’ll find out what happened in PCT Week 7 this post. If you missed the sixth week’s contribution, here is the link to the article: PCT Week 6.

Map – Pacific Crest Trail Week 7

November 10, 2019 12:10 pm
  • Distance 150 km
  • Time 37 h 28 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 772 m
  • Peak 1916 m
  • Climb 4404 m
  • Descent 3260 m
  • Distance Instructions

Day 43: It pinches in the shoe

Day: May 18th 2019
Distance: 11 mi, 17,6 km
Accumulated: 465 mi, 744 km

In the morning we take our time before we leave Hiker Heaven. A great place and also the Hiker Heaven dogs are sad that we go. But before we leave Agua Dulce, we have breakfast again.

On the way we don’t get far, because we meet other hikers who are celebrating the Norwegian Independence Day. You don’t get champagne in the desert every day. So we sit down and have a drink.

Afterwards it goes a few miles further and I notice how my new shoes press. I hope that they only have to be break in properly, but in the evening I see a blister on the ball of my foot in the tent. Let’s see how that develops.

Day 44: Arrival at Casa de Luna

Day: May 19th 2019
Distance: 13 mi, 20,8 km
Accumulated: 478 mi, 764.8 km

The next day we start again early and our destination of the day is “Casa de Luna“. A place, similar to Hiker Heaven, for Hikers to relax, recover and recharge their batteries. The way is relatively unspectacular on this day and I am more busy with my blisters on my feet than with the surroundings.

During a break we all relax and I make tea for us. When Nils turns around, he accidentally pushes the tea pot around and the almost boiling hot water splashes on my stomach. A hellish pain flows through me and I see the skin coming off the flesh at a small spot. Lila gives me first aid and special ointment. A big band-aid covers the wound. Now I hope the whole thing doesn’t get infected and we keep going.

Arrived at Casa de Luna, each of us will receive a Hawaii shirt. That’s an obligation for every hiker. The trailangel “Hooshodady” (Who’s your dady) gives us a briefing. Besides many familiar faces I also see many new hikers in Casa de Luna and look forward to dinner.

Last but not least all hikers have to do an improvised dance to get a “Hiker to Town” Bandana. This Bandana is a popular souvenir from the PCT. Afterwards I go into my sleeping bag.

Day 45: An unplanned rest day

Day: May 20th 2019
Distance: 0 mi, 0 km
Accumulated: 478 mi, 764.8 km

The next morning I wake up in my tent and it rains cats and dogs. Many hikers take down their tents and drive to a hotel, others do not even get out of their tents.

I go to breakfast and see Lila, Débo and Nils sitting in a sofa. Our unanimous decision: we are not going on the trail today. Instead we decid to go to Lancester to the cinema.

Since the others want to watch a scary movie, I’m out. Scary movies are not for me and the other movies are also not first class. I relax with a coffee and a good internet connection at Starbucks next to the cinema.

In the evening in the tent I look at my burn wound on my stomach and am satisfied. It still hurts like hell, but it has not become inflamed and seems to heal well. Lucky.

Day 46: My blisters are getting worse

Day: May 21th 2019
Distance: 18 mi, 28,8 km
Accumulated: 496 mi, 793.6 km

The next morning the weather looks better again and we start walking. When the sun breaks through, the opportunity is used to dry all things. Nils finds huge fir cones on this day and is thrilled.

In the evening I have quite a lot of pain on both foot pads. Thick blisters have formed and I try to treat them as good as possible. I had no problems with my other Altra shoes. I shouldn’t have changed the model.

Day 47: 500 miles and a bizarre arrival in Town

Day: May 22th 2019
Distance: 21 mi, 33,6 km
Accumulated: 517 mi, 827.2 km

It’s foggy in the morning and we start early. Today more water has to be carried because there is a warning for a water tank. A bear fell into the water tank and drowned. I meet Matt later and he confirms that it smelled disgusting out of the water tank: “There was definitely something big dead in it.” The alternative water tank is a bit provisional but it fulfils its purpose.

After four miles we reach the 500 mile mark and have breakfast. I take the opportunity and look after my blisters. Still painful and no improvement. I decide to walk slower to get to Hiker Town. A good opportunity to enjoy the great views.

Arrival in Hiker Town

Once we get to Hiker Town, we won’t find anybody. Hiker Town is a kind of “Western town” in the old style where Hikers can sleep. But the town seems extinct. Three cats greet us and a gentleman in a leather jacket comes from a garage. “It’s all booked out, but I can call you a shuttle to take you to the cafe.” A car with hikers comes around the corner, “Ahhh there’s the shuttle already.” The man turns around and wants to leave. When I ask him who’s driving us, he looks a little annoyed and says: “You’re driving yourselves. You can drive, can’t you?”

Nils sits behind the wheel, Lila and Débo in the back seat, me in the passenger seat. It feels like the car could fall apart at any time. It wouldn’t stand a chance with the German TÜV. The man watches as Nils tries to start the car. Strangled… again, it works. The man still shouts: “Follow the road for four miles and turn left! You’re almost out of gas. I hope it still goes that far. Oh, and the battery won’t last much longer. You’ll manage somehow. Good luck!”

After a few minutes we arrive somehow and with a lot of luck at the café, which is café, supermarket, gas station and town hall in one. There’s beer and hot food here. It’s KingOlli’s birthday today, it needs to be celebrated. At the end we sleep with about 10 other hikers on the floor in the town hall office because a stormy night was predicted and tents were not recommended. Sometimes it can be that simple.

Day 48: The Los Angeles Aqueduct

Day: May 23th 2019
Distance: 17 mi, 27,2, km
Accumulated: 533 mi, 852.8 km

The storm of the night is over, but the weather forecast promises nothing good. Many hikers decide to take 2 days off until the weather has improved. After a good breakfast we decide, despite the bad weather forecast, to go on the trail. At the moment the sun is shining, there is a light wind and the temperature is 6° C (43°F). It’s pretty cold for this time of year. Normally this section is run at night, as temperatures can rise to over 43°C (110°F) during the day and there are hardly any shade places.

Jukebox at the Los Angeles Aqueduct
At the Los Angeles Aqueduct

So we leave around 11.00 a.m. and reach our camp spot around 7:00 p.m. The path is somehow monotonous, but I still enjoy it, because you can walk easily and don’t have to pay attention with every step.

Day 49: The storm is approaching – PCT Day 49

Day: May 24th 2019
Distance: 17 mi, 27,2, km
Accumulated: 550 mi, 880 km

In the morning we walk a few more miles along the Los Angeles Aqueduct, past a large wind farm into the mountains, which are trapped in dark clouds.

I put on my rain jacket early because I have the feeling it could rain anytime. After a longer break at a small stream the weather changes. Thick fog comes up and it begins to hail, rain and storm. The weather report was right.

I run as fast as I can and arrive at camp. I set up my tent, slip into my sleeping bag and hope that I don’t freeze at night. The humidity is at a perceived 100% and it’s damn cold. Tomorrow we go to the city of Tehachapi, where we plan a rest day.

The seventh week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over and the weather was again not optimal. It still goes on, on the PCT and you can be curious. Here it goes directly to PCT Week 8.

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