Rheinsteig Stage 4: Linz – Leutesdorf 27km

Rheinsteig Stage 4: Linz – Leutesdorf 27km

In this article I write about my fourth stage on the Rheinsteig from Linz passing Arenfels Castle until Leutesdorf. This stage should not be taken too lightly as there are many ascents and descents. The article is part of my Rheinsteig series, here it goes to the stage overview and here back to the third stage.

Day: August 31. 2017
Start:07:00 pm – Hotel in Linz
Goal:06:00 pm – Campground Leutesdorf
Distance: 27 km / 16.7 miles

Important notes for the 4th stage

Are there shopping facilities on the 4th stage of the Rheinsteig?
In Bad Hönningen (after approx. 11 km / 6.8 miles) there is an Aldi Süd and a REWE – but you have to leave the Rheinsteig. Those who want to camp on the camping site in Leutesdorf should stock up with food here again, as there is no shopping possibility in Leutesdorf and no food is offered on the campground (there is still a pizza delivery service in Leutesdorf, but I didn’t  try it).

Is it possible to refill water on the 4th stage of the Rheinsteig?
Fill up your water bottles again in Bad Hönningen, because there is no possibility to fill them on the last 10 km to Leutesdorf (unless you ring people’s bells in Hammerstein and ask for water – that’s how I did it).

Where can I spend the night on the 4th stage of the Rheinsteig?
In Leutesdorf there is a public campground and a youth hostel. If you want to check in at a hotel, you can visit the “Hotel Leyscher Hof” or the pension “Café Am Rheinsteig”. Both are very well rated.

How is the marking of the route on the 4th stage of the Rheinsteig?
The path is well signposted, so you can’t get lost.

Are there any further recommendations for the fourth stage of the Rheinsteig?
Yes, start the day well rested as there are many ascents and descents and the day can be very long and exhausting.

Map – From Linz to Leutesdorf

May 31, 2018 10:41 pm
  • Distance 27 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 59 m
  • Peak 282 m
  • Climb 1398 m
  • Descent 1304 m
  • Distance Instructions

The first ascent on the fourth stage

Fortunately, the announced thunderstorms and the storm warning from the previous day did not come true. After a very good breakfast in the Linzer Brauhaus I start the day with some rain. The city of Linz really has charm, is worth seeing and there are fantastic half-timbered houses.

Shortly after Linz the route goes steeply uphill and as a reward there are wonderful views of the Rhine. What I particularly notice on this route there are many shelters and places where you could camp wild or in emergency situations. A situation that didn’t show up in the first few days.

Passing Arenfels Castle

One of the first highlights of this day is the neo-Gothic castle Arenfels in Bad Hönningen, where you have a fantastic panoramic view. The castle Arenfels was built in the years 1258 – 59 under Gerlach von Isenburg and was rebuilt from the year 1848 under the patronage of Earl Westerholt Arenfels to a castle. Arenfels Castle has received the nickname “Castle of the Year” because of its 365 windows, 52 doors and 12 towers. 

While hiking I notice that my legs and feet are well moving and I barely feel no pain. Shortly before Bad Hönningen I take a short break and decide to walk to Leutesdorf. It’s 01:00 pm and I’ve covered the first 10 km / 6.2 Miles.

After Bad Hönningen, the route leads directly into a bird sanctuary with breathtaking natural scenery. After I have left the bird sanctuary, it goes again into the forest and to the small village of Hammerstein. As my water is running low I try to find a shop in Hammerstein, but there is none. A nice woman fills up my water bottle and wishes me a good way to Leutesdorf, which is about 5.5 km / 3,4 Miles from Hammerstein.

Camping in Leutesdorf

Shortly before Leutesdorf I see on my map that there is an official campground in Leutesdorf. As I want to camp again, I go directly to the local campground and set up my tent. On the campground there is almost nothing going on, except for a few permanent campers there is nobody there.

The campsite is located directly at the Rhine, which is why I take a short walk to the bank of the Rhine after setting up my tent and experience an unforgettable sunset. I enjoy the peace and quietness on the Rhine and in nature.

Like the stars in the sky:
Quiet and moving!

Friedrich Hölderlin

After the sun has set, I go back to the campsite and prepare my supper – ramen noodles with broccoli cheese mixture. I can’t believe how good this supper tastes to me. Then I slip into my sleeping bag and fall asleep. My last thought on this day: my feet feel better and my shoes become softer. A first glimmer of hope for a relaxed hike in the next few days.

Conclusion of the day: Because I prepared my food in the tent, I had a lot of condensate in it the next morning. My insight: Do not prepare hot food in the tent, otherwise you will have too much condensate in it. Here it goes directly to the fifth stage.

I hope with this article I could give you a little insight into the forth stage of the Rheinsteig. If you like this article, I’m happy about a Like, a heart or a smile on your face. If you have questions, suggestions or criticism, I’m looking forward to your comments.

Greetings, Martin