PCT Week 2 – Julian Mile 77 to Paradise Valley Café Mile 155

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The second week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over and ended up in the famous Paradise Valley Café. If you missed the first week’s contribution, here’s the link to the article: PCT Week 1.

Map – Pacific Crest Trail Week 2

October 25, 2019 11:39 am
  • Distance 121 km
  • Time 30 h 14 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 688 m
  • Peak 1715 m
  • Climb 3616 m
  • Descent 2737 m
  • Distance Instructions

Day 8 – Breakfast first

Day: April 12th 2019
Distance: 9,6 mi, 15,4 km
Accumulated: 86.6 mi, 138.6 km

We all sleep until 7:00 a.m. and then fall over the delicious breakfast at Julian Lodge. Then it goes again to Moms Pie to drink a coffee. At the Postoffice an older woman takes us in her car for a hitch to the PCT.

Afterwards it goes again through the mountains with some rain. At 86.6 mile I pitch my tent. I have a small dinner and jump after into my sleeping bag.

Day 9 – Trailmagic at its best

Day: April 13th 2019
Distance: 14,6 mi, 23,4 km
Accumulated: 101.2 mi, 161.9 km

In the morning we continue through the mountains and great nature. Passing the 100 Mile takes a big load from my mind. The nearest camping spot is only 1.2 miles away.

What awaits the Hiker here is phenomenal. The former Thru-hiker Tommy (@twerkinthedirt on Instagram) came by with two friends and a small bus and celebrated Trailmagic. There were sandwiches, beer, sweets, snacks and much more for everyone. And all for nothing. Everyone got to know each other better and had a great evening. Later this fantastic photo was taken.

PCT Class 2019 by @twerkinthed at Instagramirt
PCT Class 2019 by @twerkinthed at Instagram

Day 10 – Eagle Rock and Warner Springs

Day: April 14th 2019
Distance: 8,3 mi,13,3 km
Accumulated: 109.5 mi, 175.2 km

After the trail party the night before there is only a short hiking day to Warner Springs. Some miles on the trail I stand in front of a big meadow and enjoy the wide view. All of a sudden there are cows standing around me and a young bull finds it fun to run at me. I turn around and wait for the situation to calm down. The cows lose interest in me and move on… lucky.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tobias Werling (@tobiwerl) am

At the Eagle Rock a few photos are taken and it goes on. Arrived in Warner Springs I charge my batteries and relax. As the Post Office is closed on Sundays, I have to wait until Monday. I’m expecting a food package that I sent out from San Diego. The selection for a resupply with good food in Warner Springs is zero. So sending a package was the right decision.

Day 11 – Welcome to the Open Air Restaurant

Day: April 15th 2019
Distance: 10,1 mi,16,6 km
Accumulated: 119.6 mi, 191.4 km

The next morning we relax and continue around 1:00 p.m. in a small group of 5 hikers. It goes again through great nature and the mountains up and down.

Arrived at the campsite we cook and experience a fantastic sunset. The Open Air Restaurant serves the following dishes: starter: Snickers bar, main course: ramen noodles with cheese powder, dessert: Cliff bar. Afterwards everyone go into the sleeping bag.

Day 12 – Mike’s Place

Day: April 16th 2019
Distance: 15,2 mi, 24,3 km
Accumulated: 134.8 mi, 215.7 km

The next morning is cold, damp, stormy and foggy. I’m glad to have my rain gear with me. The surroundings look spooky and beautiful at the same time.

After about 8 miles we reach Mike’s Place. Here the two Trailangels “Strange” and “Cyclops” provide for the well-being of the Hikers. There are sandwiches, coffee, tea and stories to hear. In summary, one can only say that the two of them are two dearly crazy people. Afterwards we continue another 7 miles to a campground.

Day 13 – Burning Heat

Day: April 17th 2019
Distance: 10,6 mi, 17 km
Accumulated: 145.4, mi, 232.6 km

We take our time in the morning, because the daily goal is only 10 miles. But the heat of the day is killing us all. I reach the campground around 4:00 p.m. and the sun is still burning.

I treat myself to a small shower with a 5 litre bucket of water and scrub the coarsest dirt off my skin. The water is ice cold and refreshing at the same time. Afterwards we have pasta in bags for dinner. Everyone on the campground dreams of good food. The next day a mile from the PCT is the Paradise Valley Café, known for its good food.

Day 14 – Paradise Valley Café

Day: April 18th 2019
Distance: 10,5 mi, 16,6 km
Accumulated: 155.9 mi, 249.4 km

Let’s go to the Paradise Valley Café and eat good food. This is the motivation of all hikers. The 6 miles to the cafe stretch out and take no end. Finally arrived we order food: a Veggi hamburger with extra feta cheese and fries, a coffee and a big beer.

Three hours later we’re still at the Paradise Valley Café ordering the next round. Completely starved I order the next Veggiburger. Then we’ll do another four miles on the trail. The landscape is beautiful and I feel like in a fairytale landscape. The campground is a bit creepy, but that doesn’t bother any further. With a full stomach and a broad grin I fall asleep satisfied.

Also the second week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over. The next week is really tough, because there was the first snow at 2500 meters altitude. Be curious what happens next. Here it goes directly to week 3.

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Greetings Martin

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