Rheinsteig Stage 6: Rengsdorf – Sayn 15km

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In this article I write about my sixth stage on the Rheinsteig from Rengsdorf to Sayn, past the Nonnenley vantage point and through many forests. The article is part of my Rheinsteig series, here it goes to the stage overview and here back to the fifth stage.

Day:02. September 2017
Start:09:00 am – Hotel Waldterasse in Rengsdorf
Goal:01:00 pm – Sayn – Accommodation at a friend’s house
Distanz:15 km / 9,32 Miles

Important notes for the 6th stage

Are there shopping facilities on the 6th stage of the Rheinsteig? No, there are no shopping facilities on the whole stage. Since the distance is comparatively short, you can buy new supplies in Sayn. Is it possible to refill water on the 6th stage of the Rheinsteig? No, on the whole stage there is no possibility to fill up with water. So you should take enough water with you. Where can I spend the night on the 6th stage of the Rheinsteig? In Sayn there are excellent guesthouses and holiday homes, which are however very expensive. Alternatively you can camp behind Sayn at the scout campsite Bexbachtal Campen. How is the marking of the route on the 6th stage of the Rheinsteig? The path is very well signposted and you can’t get lost. 

Map – From Rengsdorf to Sayn

May 31, 2018 11:08 pm
  • Distance 15 km
  • Time 3 h 50 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 76 m
  • Peak 325 m
  • Climb 674 m
  • Descent 903 m
  • Distance Instructions

The Nonnenley Viewpoint

After a good night’s sleep and enjoying a mediocre breakfast in the Hotel Waldterrasse, I went directly into the forest behind Rengsdorf and to the Nonnenley viewpoint. Here, you have a fantastic view and there is the possibility to camp in case you can’t find an alternative accommodation in Rengsdorf.  Breathtaking, beautiful and completely fascinating I walk through the forest. Despite a very dry weather period, the forest creates its own climate. It is incredible how much water and moisture the forest holds for itself and its creatures.

It feels a bit like a greenhouse – high humidity, controlled temperatures and everywhere it’s teeming with life – I’m really impressed. The whole way to Sayn leads through the forest.

Arrival in Sayn – a mental challenge

After only 4 hours I reach Sayn and visit my old colleague Dennis, with whom I also spend the night. He tells me about an old colleague who died on vacation and how it was at the funeral. I shared a room with this colleague, and the whole story is really hitting me. It seems that death is the main theme on the Rheinsteig for me. On the fifth day I barely found a way to deal with the many commemorative plaques in the small villages on the Rheinsteig about the First and Second World War, now a message that affects me directly and gets the thought cycle going again. It’s hard for me to get positive thoughts. Dennis says that he has a football match in the afternoon and asks me if I want to join him. I accept gratefully and watch the soccer match of the Kreisligaspiel D. Not spectacular but still a change of pace.

How can you weep over a person who died? Those who have loved him and lost him are to be lamented. Helmuth of Moltke

Dennis asked me after the game if I would like to come to the castle festival in Sayn, but I refuse because I was totally exhausted. The last few days have been pretty hard to walk. In addition to the physical exertion, the loneliness and the news of the death of an old colleague hit me hard. I decide to go to sleep and have no regrets about this decision for a second.

Conclusion of the day: To have friends and family with which you can exchange yourself is very important – on a hike and in real life. Here it goes now directly to the seventh stage.

I hope with this article I could give you a little insight into the sixth stage of the Rheinsteig. If you like this article, I’m happy about a Like, a heart or a smile on your face. If you have questions, suggestions or criticism, I’m looking forward to your comments. Greetings, Martin

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