PCT Week 6 – From Wrightwood to Hiker Heaven

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The sixth week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over and it has gone from Wrightwood from mile 372 to Hiker Heaven at mile 455. What happened in PCT week 6 you can read in this article. If you missed the fifth week’s contribution, click here to go to the article: PCT week 5.

Map – Pacific Crest Trail Week 6

November 9, 2019 2:42 pm
  • Distance 127 km
  • Time 31 h 49 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 676 m
  • Peak 2778 m
  • Climb 4381 m
  • Descent 5879 m
  • Distance Instructions

Day 36: Mount Baden Powell

Day: May 10th 2019
Distance: 12 mi, 19,2 km
Accumulated: 384 mi, 614.4 km

Today we climb Mount Baden Powell. A change in the weather has been announced although everything still looks good when the tent is dismantled. A wall of fog approaches and devours us in one go. It starts to rain and the ascent to the top of the mountain in the snow is murderous. Without microspikes it is almost impossible to climb up the mountain. The following video was recorded by David “Biscuit” on the same day. 


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von David Turzynski (@david_turzynski) am

I arrive at the top of the mountain and freeze. Quickly take a souvenir photo and a short small talk with two local day hikers. Normally you can see from here to L.A., today the visibility is unfortunately at zero.

I want to get off as soon as possible because it’s freezing cold. In a small group it goes downhill. It’s very icy and dangerous, you can’t see or guess the way. One time I slip. It’s all happening so fast, I can’t react, slide over a rock and through snow. After four metres I am stopped by a young tree and come to a standstill – luckily.

I’m in a little shock. A wrong step can have fatal consequences here. I climb back on the path and the others help me. After more miles and a short detour we arrive at Little Jimmy Campground completely exhausted. I’m trying to make a fire with Nils (OilKing) in vain. The wood’s too wet. To top it all off, it’s starting to rain cats and dogs. Everyone crawls into their tents and tries to stay warm somehow. A cold, wet and exhausting day comes to an end.

Day 37: The day after the rainy night

Day: May 11th 2019
Distance: 17 mi, 27,2 km
Accumulated: 401 mi, 641.6 km

The next morning we start early. It’s raining and everything, really everything’s wet. To get going we start the day with a few warm-up exercises. Yoga in the rain at 3°C. Then it starts. After a steep ascent the sun comes out and we decide to dry our clothes on an empty parking lot.

Other hikers join us. The local sheriff stops briefly, inquires whether everyone is well and continues amused. He’s shouting out of his car: “Looks like a yard sale, hahaha.” Everyone’s mood rises again and everyone tells how they survived the night. Lila (Rabitt Rabbit) must have had it worst. She tells how she leaked the Camelbag in her tent the night before and emptied the tent with her tea cup. Outside icy cold and rain, in the tent icy cold and swimming pool – no fun.

After everything is dry we continue on the country road. The PCT is closed in this area for nature conservation reasons. Back on the trail, it starts hailing. The hailstones have a diameter of almost 0.6 mm and I notice them through three layers of clothes on my skin. The weather wasn’t on our side. We’ll pass the 400 mile mark and stop the next campground. A small fire brings the day to a good end.

Day 38: Bear Training and Trailmagic

Day: May 12th 2019
Distance: 17,5 mi, 28, km
Accumulated: 418.5 mi, 669.6 km

In the morning it starts again early. To warm up, we do bear-thaibox-training with a tree. Our kick and punch techniques are very promising.

After a small breakfast I immerse myself in an audio book on Audible: “Tylor Hamilton, The Secret Race*“, which fascinates me. Those who followed the “Tour de France” in the 90s and 2000s will devour this book and see cycling with different eyes.

In the evening almost everyone lies very early in the tents and is ko. A truck with three people stops in the parking lot at dusk and the driver shouts: “Is anyone still awake? We have a cake,”. Everyone climb out of their tents and enjoy the Trailmagic. There’s nothing more beautiful.

Day 39: Bees on the Pacific Crest Trail

Day: May 13th 2019
Distance: 17,5 mi, 28 km
Accumulated: 436 mi, 697.6 km

On this day there are a lot of bees to see on the PCT and some hikers get stung. I’m lucky and decide to put on my fly net for lunch as a result. Safe is safe.

In the afternoon I hear the audiobook again and reach the campsite a little later than the others. On the campground there is a ranger who sells soft drinks. I’m going to get me a Coke, a Fanta and a Sprite. I’m in the mood for all tastes. Even if the campsite is directly below the power lines, which are loud as hell, I sleep well. I just imagine it’s the sound of the ocean.

Day 40: On the way to Hiker Heaven

Day: May 14th 2019
Distance: 18,5 mi, 29,6 km
Accumulated: 454.5 mi, 727.2 km

Our destination today is Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce. A place of Trailangels for hikers to rest and recharge their batteries. But before you get there, you’ll be passing through breathtaking nature and the Vasquez Rocks Country Park.

The Vasquez Rocks Country Park has special rock formations that serve as backdrops in many films. These included Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and the Bonanza series.

Arrived in Agua Dulce we go to a Mexican restaurant and fill our stomachs. For dessert, four of us treat ourselves to 1.5 litres of ice cream. The motto is: replenish calories. Arrived in Hiker Heaven we see many familiar faces again and relax at the campfire.

Day 41 & 42: Rest days in Hiker Heaven

Day: May 15th and 16th 2019
Distance: 0 mi, 0 km
Accumulated: 454.5 mi, 727.2 km

Two rest days are planned, because the weather forecast shows a lot of rain in the following days. This is not so optimal. On the first rest day, equipment and food resupply are on the schedule. With an Uber we drive to the north of L.A. for 40$ and enter a REI Store (Outdoor Shop).

I get new shoes and two pairs of socks, Nils needs a new backpack and also Lila and Débo get things they have to renew. Afterwards a friendly American drives us to an electric market from where we simply come to a supermarket to buy food for the next days. In the evening we cook delicious food again in Hiker Heaven and let the day end.

The second day is very simple. We just rest, play guitar, watch movies or do yoga. The weeks end on a rainy day in total relaxation.

The sixth week on the Pacific Crest Trail is over and ends quietly in Hiker Heaven. Be curious what happens next. Here it goes directly to PCT week 7.

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Best regards, Martin

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