Rheinsteig Stage 2: Rhöndorf – Bad Honnef 12km

Rheinsteig Stage 2: Rhöndorf – Bad Honnef 12km

In this article I write about my second stage on the Rheinsteig from Rhöndorf to Bad Honnef. After a wild night with wild boars in front of my tent, my first destination for the day is the ruin of the Löwenburg. The article is part of my Rheinsteig series, here you can find the stage overview and here you go back to the 1st stage.
Day:  August 29. 2017
Start: 08:00 pm – Rhöndorf – clearing in the Siebengebirge
Goal: 05:00 pm – Bad Honnef – Youth hostel
Distance: 12 km/ 7.46 miles

Important notes for the 2nd stage

Are there shopping facilities on the 2nd stage of the Rheinsteig? In Rhöndorf and Bad Honnef there are shopping facilities and restaurants, but not directly on the way. If you absolutely need new shoes due to blisters or something like that, you should go to 7G Runergy in Bad Honnef (opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30 am – 06:30 pm; Sat: 9:30 am -02:00 pm)! Here you get a great consultation and you can continue walking on the Rheinsteig with new shoes. Is it possible to refill water on the 2nd stage of the Rheinsteig? There is no refill directly on the stage. In the morning I filled up my water bottles in the bathroom of the bakery store in Röhndorf. Where can I spend the night on the 2nd stage of the Rheinsteig? Bad Honnef has a reasonably priced youth hostel right on the Rheinsteig.  To get a bed at Bad Honnef Youth Hostel, you must be a member of the German Youth Hostels (DJH). Membership (valid for all youth hostels in Germany) can be taken out locally, costs a one-time fee of approx. 23€ and is valid for one year. In addition there is the price for the overnight stay, which also costs about 20€. As there are several youth hostels on the Rheinsteig and these are therefore an inexpensive alternative (15 – 25€ per night) to the otherwise very expensive hotels (50 – 95€ per night), membership is definitely worth it. IMPORTANT: Cancel your membership after the hike, otherwise it will be automatically renewed for another year after the first year.  How is the marking of the route on the 2nd stage of the Rheinsteig? The path is well signposted, so you can’t get lost. Is the climb to the ruins of Löwenburg worth it? Yes, definitely! In order to get to the Löwenburg, however, you have to leave the path for approximately 2 km. I recommend this small detour, because the view from the Löwenburg is breathtaking. 

Map – From Röhndorf to Bad Honnef

May 31, 2018 9:55 pm
  • Distance 12 km
  • Time 2 h 57 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 89 m
  • Peak 384 m
  • Climb 705 m
  • Descent 691 m
  • Distance Instructions

The morning after

What a night. Awakened by the sun’s rays on my tent and the rising heat, I notice that the last hours are in my bones. The horde of wild boars came to my tent several times during the night, which really got me down. Afterwards it was clear to me why the wild boars came to the tent. In the hustle and bustle of the twilight and the tent construction I forgot to hang my food in a tree, which the wild boars naturally smelled. I take down my tent, pack my things and start walking. After a few meters I see a sign saying that it is only a few meters to Rhöndorf and I decide to throw my self-sufficiency plans for the next 7 days over the pile. I walk to Rhöndorf, go to the bakery and get a delicious sandwich and a cappuccino. The bakery also has a bathroom I can use. A perfect opportunity to refill my water bottles and start the second day strengthened. First goal for the day: The ruins of the Löwenburg.

Ascent to Löwenburg Castle

On the way to the Löwenburg I notice more and more that my shoes are pinching and I decide to take a break at the Eulenhardt refuge to give my feet a break. As it looks a few blisters have formed again and I realize that my shoes are a number too small for this hike. After I’ve treated my feet, I continue on the way to the Löwenburg. Note: In order to walk to Löwenburg, you have to leave the Rheinsteig for a few kilometres. However, I recommend everyone to make a detour, as the view from the Löwenburg ruins is fabulous. Arrived at the top of the Löwenburg I take another break and enjoy the fantastic view. It is great hiking weather, the air is pleasant and you can see very far. After the break at the Löwenburg it goes downhill and I notice that my shoes cause real problems. Two thick blisters develop on the small toes on the left and right and two smaller blisters on the left foot. I decide to take another break at the reservoir of the Ohlbach and treat my blisters. I also notice slowly how I get hungry and decide to take another break, which is also somehow exciting, because now I can try out my new gas stove under hiking conditions for the first time. There’s a Chana Masala from Trek’N’Eat to eat. This is freeze-dried food that is made edible with hot water. It seems a little bit less to me so I added some ramen noodles and some dried tomato soup to the mixture. Conclusion: eatable.

The decision

After the lunch break I go on strengthened, but struggle with the pain in my feet and with the persistent tiredness of last night. I have to make a decision on how to keep running and decide to reduce the speed to go slower. I therefore walk differently than planned only up to the youth hostel in Bad Honnef in order to treat my feet and sleep in a warm bed. The blisters just hurt too much and I have to rest and sleep.
No way is too long for that one, who slowly and unhurriedly progresses. Jean de La Bruyére
I didn’t get the idea to buy new shoes that were a few sizes bigger on the whole Rheinsteig… I would do that differently today. First insight of the day: Those who exaggerate at the beginning will not reach their goal. Every hiking trail must be approached with respect, otherwise you will not reach your final destination. The old wisdom “The way is the goal” gets a new meaning for me. Second insight of the day: If you notice on the way that your shoes are too small, you should try to buy new shoes in the next village. Tormenting is not worth it. In Bad Honnef there is fortunately the running shop 7G Runergy, which advises very well and can help further.  Here it goes directly to the 3rd Stage of the Rheinsteig.
I hope with this article I could give you a little insight into the second stage of the Rheinsteig. If you like this article, I’m happy about a Like, a heart or a smile on your face. If you have questions, suggestions or criticism, I’m looking forward to your comments. Greetings, Martin